breath of the wild

As a business, video games sales have to be interpreted in many different ways. Why? Well, because sales success is multi-layered, but also, there are many different regions in which games can be sold to. And what has been proven many times is that while one game may be selling one somewhere, it may be a dud somewhere else. That’s often why when you see sales sites they have it broken down by region, because that matters. This goes especially for companies like Nintendo, for their games can live or die by region sales. Or, they can surprise, like Breath of the Wild is doing for Nintendo Switch.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the major launch title for the new system, and has proven to be a mega success. Not only have people flocked to the game and its beautiful open world, it’s one of the best-reviewed games of all time. In addition, the game has actually sold more than the console itself! Think about that.

But what makes the sales in Japan so interesting is that it’s breaking a trend of recent Zelda games. As noted by NowLoading, Breath of the Wild is matching and surpassing past Legend of Zelda titles in terms of sales in much less time. In fact, it could beat out Ocarina of Time for sales in Japan. They note it could possibly have over a million units sold in Japan by the time the year ends.

Why does this matter? Well, despite Nintendo being from Japan, the Legend of Zelda franchise hasn’t always sold well there. In fact, it’s had a decline in sales over the years, and it’s been the other regions that have bought it up. So for Breath of the Wild to buck the trend once again proves just how magnificent a game it truly is.


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