BlizzCon Anaheim Convention center

The gaming company giant, Blizzard, is hosting their annual convention in Anaheim, California this November. Gamers come from all around the world to experience the epic two-day event known as BlizzCon. It’s no surprise that tickets for the convention sold out, and even the Benefit Dinner is full to capacity. But for those of us not fortunate enough to possess a ticket to BlizzCon, there’s still hope in the Virtual Ticket.

Anyone familiar with BlizzCon probably knows that the convention offers up Virtual Tickets to those who can’t actually make the trek to Anaheim or were too slow on the draw for their credit card. While we don’t know the specifics of this year’s Virtual Ticket as they have yet to go on sale, we can base some assumptions on last year’s sales.

In 2016, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket gave buyers access to HD live streams of the event which included all the dev panels, interviews, closing ceremony, fan contests, and plenty more. Included in the purchase of a Virtual Ticket was also some virtual loot for some of Blizzard’s most popular games. All this was yours for $39.99. And, for an additional $35, those that held a virtual ticket could also pre-purchase a BlizzCon goodie bag, filled with real-world loot like a commemorative stein and an inflatable mini replica of Reinhardt’s hammer.

BlizzCon 2016 Goody Bag (in a Box)

However, if you’re broke, Blizzard still has you covered. If previous years are any indication, the opening ceremony will be available for free, along with coverage of some of the Esport competitions being held at the event. Fans will likely be able to watch the championships for games like StarCraft II, Hearthstone, WoW Arena, and Heroes of the Storm all in HD on BlizzCon’s official siteOf course, following Blizzard on social media will likely also provide you with some BlizzCon-related content too if you’re looking for more free ways to get involved.

Will you be going to BlizzCon or buying the Virtual Ticket when it finally becomes available? Or will you just watch the free content? Let us know!


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