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Is BlizzCon Going To Reveal New World Of Warcraft Expansion?

When it comes to World of Warcraft, one of the longest-running MMORPGs of all time, the question of content is always fresh in players minds. They’re always wanting something new to do, and for the most part, Blizzard delivers that in special monthly events, patches, updates, and of course, expansions. Expansions usually reshape the world in some facet, and deliver loads of new content over the years since its release. With the upcoming arrival of BlizzCon though, players are getting anxious about whether a big reveal is coming.

And by “big reveal” we mean a clue, a name drop, or even a video about the next World of Warcraft expansion. This isn’t too far of a stretch, as Legion has been slowly going towards the end of its content storywise and Blizzard has noted that, and since this is Blizzard’s event it would be a perfect place to drop it. But, players like Dritkåt can’t help but ask:

“Will next xpac be revealed at Blizzcon 2017, or will they just give more insight to the end of Legion?”

World of Warcraft Legion

At this point in time, it’s about 50-50 odds either way. On one hand, there could be a big ending to Legion that Blizzard wants players to know about, and thus they’ll reveal that. Or, they’ll drop the next expansion name, maybe a cinematic trailer, and tease what’s coming while also showing off the end of Legion that could help set it up. It’s hard to say.

Most users agree that it should be announced at BlizzCon, as it’s “the right place for it”. But many are also cautious, as they’ve been burned by Blizzard before. Some are even guessing what the next expansion will be about. Some think it’ll be able the Old Gods, others think it’ll connect to The Void.

What do you think? Will World of Warcraft’s next expansion be revealed at BlizzCon?

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