Blizzard Removes Purify From Arena After Fan Outburst

The new expansion for Hearthstone, One Night in Karazhan, has caused some outrage in the community. The community has two main reasons why they are mad. First up, players are mad at Blizzard for making the Priest card Purify, a weak card for a class that is terrible at the moment. Players say that this was a perfect opportunity to implement some strong cards, balancing the class out. The second reason is Arena. Priest is completely left out in Arena, with no strong cards that can be compared to other classes.


Priest has been one of the weakest classes in Hearthstone lately in both arena and ladder, and this new card is not helping the state of Priest at all. Players have caused an outrage and have complained about the card destroying the shape of Priest in Arena and Blizzard listened. After hearing about the complaints, lead designer Ben Brode made a video about the card. He explained that the expansion holds better Priest cards and that they should have presented a different class card, and how some players enjoy winning with decks that are creative. They decided to remove the card from Arena.



If you want to find out more information about this situation, visit this link.

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