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Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Animated Short: “Hero”


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Blizzard has added a new addition to their online marketing campaign for Overwatch.

PlayOverwatch, the game’s official YouTube channel, has been releasing animated short films to promote the game and flesh out its characters’ backstories. The latest video, “Hero” gives us an even greater glimpse into the game’s world and those who inhabit it.


This beautifully rendered flick instantly conjures thoughts of Pixar in its opening scenes. Condensed to below 6 minutes, “Hero” follows a young girl in the town of Dorado as she sets off to the local store at her mother’s behest. She soon finds trouble in the form of a gang of thugs, mercilessly beating a robot. These hooligans then try to persuade the girl to join in on the attack. This is when we are introduced to Soldier 76. This film does not only showcase his personality, it also demonstrates some of his attacks.


These shorts have fans clamoring for a feature length movie or a television series. However, the possibility of that may depend on how Overwatch performs when it is released tomorrow.

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