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Blizzard Outlines June Content For World Of Warcraft

For MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft, every single month brings the opportunity for new content for their player base. After all, they want to keep interest up as they plan out the next big event, so these little “mini-events” or “mini-holidays” as they’re sometimes called is a big must for the game. Well, with June in full effect, Blizzard has decided to run down what fans can expect this month. The first event of which is already going on right now.

We speak of the Darkmoon Faire, which is on now and will continue on until the 10th. Here you can meet Silas Darkmoon and hang out with his crew while playing games that will test you. There’s a lot of cool things to see here so don’t miss out.

Then, from now until the 8th is the Thousand Boat Bash. Where you can get on a boat and go to Thousand Needles and see where the waters, and those in the waters, take you.

For those seeking more long-term rewards, starting June 7th is the World Quest Bonus Event. This will go until the 13th, and if you complete Broken Isles World Quests you’ll get special bonus reputation for the faction the quest was completed for. Also ending on the 13th is the Legion PVP Season 03. So get those final fights in before it’s over.

World of Warcraft

June 14th-20th brings a whole new PVP to the World of Warcraft arena as you’ll get to battle in 15v15 matches. It is a “Packed House” indeed.

June 21st-27th lets you go back in time to Mist of Pandaria and relive some of those adventures. Also during that time is the Battleground bonus event, where certain random Battlegrounds will give you bonus honor for winning.

The Midsummer Fire Festival goes from the 21st until the 4th of July, and is meant to be a party for the hottest time of the year. A special Legion Dungeon event, where you’ll get an extra item for being certain bosses occurs from the 28th to the 4th of July. And finally, the PVP Brawl: Temple of Hotmogu¬†will be from the 28th to the 4th, and you better get ready for an extreme game of Hot Potato.

So as you can see, World of Warcraft has a lot going on in June. Don’t miss out on any of the fun.

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