Overwatch is getting ever closer to its anniversary. The game launched on May 24th, 2016, and has made quite an impact on the gaming community ever since. Many fans are eagerly waiting for news on what special event Blizzard has planned for this special occasion. In fact, many suspected that news of an Overwatch event would arrive yesterday, if not debut on that day. But it didn’t happen, and to make matters more curious, there has been no teasing, hints, or anything to suggest an event is coming at all.

This has a lot of Overwatch players confused, as well as angry. Because in their minds, there’s no doubt that the event is coming, yet we’re a week away from the anniversary date and nothing has popped up. So, is one coming? That’s what a lot of Battle.net players want to know, especially since they know that Blizzard watches the forums, and has answered many fans questions. For user Akulani, it’s aggravating that a Blizzard member hasn’t responded already to solidify the situation:

“We KNOW you look at the forums! A blue post could’ve stopped disappointment and hype!” they note.

They are right in one aspect, Blizzard does look at the Battle.net forums, and the Director of Overwatch himself, Jeff Kaplan, has many times popped in with an answer, or a tease. Yet here, he and the rest are silent, leaving fans mad. Some even acknowledge that if it was anyone other than Blizzard, it’d be OK, but because of Blizzard’s past activity on the forums, this is a problem.

However, not everyone is racing to burn Blizzard to the ground. In fact, they see this as something that Blizzard can’t control, yet will benefit from. They haven’t said a word, and it’s been leaks and rumors fueling the fire of an anniversary event. So that’s not their fault that players have believed them:

“All this hype drums up a ton of free publicity, the fact that some of you are now salty because you assumed something based on a rumour or an unconfirmed leak is not their fault,” states Asgierr.

She is right, Blizzard can’t control leaks, and for all we know, these leaks are for something else and not the anniversary event. It’d be very odd for Blizzard to not do something for the Overwatch anniversary, but it’s up to them when to reveal it.


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