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Blizzard Should Make an MMORPG set in Another Universe

When you think about Blizzard, what’s the first game that comes to mind? Is it Overwatch, because it’s their most recent title? Is it Diablo because it’s your favorite of the bunch? StarCraft because of how long it took for that sequel? Lost Vikings…? What? They made it. Or maybe, just maybe, you think of World of Warcraft. Point is, no matter what game you think of, Blizzard has done a lot. But a failed project is the basis of this discussion today, for we feel that Blizzard needs another run at an MMORPG.

World of Warcraft has been running for a long time, but depending on who you ask, it’s showing its age. Plus, after they canceled their project called Titan after 7 years of work into it, they deserve another shot of making it work. Titan was meant to be a “next-gen” MMO. Doesn’t that idea deserve the chance to at least see the light of day?

So now the question is, what type of MMORPG should they make? Here’s a novel idea, why not pull a World of Warcraft and do an MMORPG based off of their existing franchises? Remember, Warcraft was an RTS that evolved into an MMOPRG, what’s to say Blizzard couldn’t do that again?

starcraft ii

Now, which one is the most worthy candidate? First thoughts go to StarCraft. This sci-fi universe has plenty of lore, plenty of memorable characters, as well as factions that players could start in. Imagine it, instead of “Alliance vs. Horde”, you’re part of the “Terrans vs Protoss vs Zerg”. And you’ll get to create which version of said race you are, not unlike the class system in World of Warcraft.

The battles could be grander than WoW, the graphics could really pop and shine, and if they’re able to make it into the “Next-Gen MMO” that they wanted for Titan, it could really be something special.

Blizzard doesn’t need to do another MMORPG, but it would be cool if they did, and StarCraft does have a solid backbone to make it happen. Or they could do Lost Vikings…just saying.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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