Blizzard Hiring Senior Producer For Diablo II Remaster?

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Ever since the heavy rumors prior to Blizzcon last year regarding Diablo 4, which obviously hasn’t come to fruition yet, fans of the series have been left wondering what will be next for the acclaimed Blizzard ARPG series. Rubbing shoulders with this sequel rumor at the time was murmurs of a potential remaster of the popular entry Diablo II. This stemmed from the incarnation of big red himself appearing on the Blizzcon poster as he is in the second Diablo game. This too never came to anything, though now there might be another ray of hope where that idea is concerned.

According to the Careers section on the Blizzard website, they are currently looking for a senior producer for their classic games, who can help “drive our Diablo titles.” An excerpt of the requirements reads: “Is your idea of click bait a pillar of amber light reaching towards the heavens? Do you remember the paradigm shift that accompanied Diablo II’s 1.10 patch? Do you have a spreadsheet comparing the Necromancer between Diablo II and III? Do you think leaders should have some dirt under their fingernails?”

One of the requirements for the job includes having a passion for video games, especially for Diablo. So it is pretty safe to say that something related to that franchise is definitely happening, with the most likely outcome being that it will be a remaster of Diablo II. If you’d like to see the full requirements and apply for the job, then head to the official site here.

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