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Blizzard Offers Preview Of Diablo III’s Season 10 Content

Diablo III has stayed alive since its launch with updates and patches, but they’ve also been giving players all new content through what they call “seasons”. These seasons give the players new things to do, new weapons and armor to collect, and much more. The game is lining up to deliver is tenth season to players, and Blizzard decided to give a preview of what’s to come.

The biggest addition arguably is that for the first time in Diablo III history, the Seasons content will be available for those who play the game on Xbox One and PS4. The specifics on how these seasons will work on the console is still unknown, but Blizzard will give a more detailed update on them later, but they did reveal that the rewards and Seasonal Journey will be available to them.

As for what the season itself offers, it’ll bring new cosmetic rewards such as the head and shoulder pieces to the Conquerer’s Set, as well as new portraits for the Black Soulstone. Blizzard is also going to give players who haven’t earned all the Extra Tab Slots from previous seasons the chance to do so in Season 10. All they have to do is complete certain tasks and the tab is there. You can do such things as “Kill Greed On Torment XIII”, “Reforge a Legendary or Set Item”, “Complete Two Conquests”, and more.

Diablo III

The Season Conquests will be returning once again, with modes such as Sprinter, Speed Racer, Worlds Apart, I Can’t Stop, Masters of the Universe, and more making their way into the season.

Finally, if you’re able to complete the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, chapters in the seasonal journey, you’ll be rewarded with a new Class Set called Haedrig’s Gift. Season 10 Of Diablo III will begin on March 31st, stay tuned for more updates.

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