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Should Blizzard Focus on More Character Packs for Diablo III?

After the recent release of the Necromancer class, there have been question raised as to whether we are likely to see any further character packs released for Diablo III. This year’s Blizzcon is likely to be the most likely place for such a reveal, with the unveiling of the Necromancer taking place at last year’s event.

This question was put to the Diablo community recently by user Thanatos, who posted:

Do you guys think this has potential to be a long-term series of additions to keep the game fresh? Or does Necro seem more like a one-time thing? Would you guys purchase future packs for a Druid / Assassin / Amazon etc.?

The post continues to question Diablo III’s current identity, which is a valid point in all honesty. As responses suggest, many fans are wary of the content that is coming to the game. The Necromancer pack may have sold well, but many are calling for fresher content to be brought to the latest Diablo entry. There was a large number of fans (including myself) to not see any announcement of Diablo 4 at Blizzcon back in 2016, though I very much enjoyed the Darkening of Tristram event. If they are going to introduce new classes, then it would perhaps be a wise move to bring something completely new to the game, as opposed to bringing back a previous class from a past title like they did with the Necromancer.

It just depends on what you feel Blizzard’s current direction should be in regards to Diablo III. Are character packs really enough to keep the action-RPG relevant enough for those who are perhaps growing tired of waiting for a new game? We are bound to hear something exciting at Blizzcon later in the year, whether more content is coming or whether wishes will come true with the announcement of Diablo 4.

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