With each new month comes the chance for new content for World of Warcraft. The popular MMORPG is still in the midst of its Legion expansion, and recent patches like 7.2 have only broadened the experience. That being said, there’s always a desire to do more and more things, and Blizzard knows that. So, they took to the World of Warcraft website to highlight all the things that are coming on in the month of May. Trust us, there’s a lot going on.

First off, there’s an event going on right now via Children’s Week, in which you’ll be able to take an orphan of Azeroth under your week and show them the world. Doing so will not only get you achievements, but the chance to get a new pet, or several. Then, from the 2nd-8th, the Battlegrounds you randomly fight on will award you more honor.

Also on the 2nd-8th will begin the Warson Gulch PVP Brawl, which will put a twist on the capture the flag gameplay you might be used to. Onto week 2 of the event, the Darkmoon Faire will come to Azeroth on the 7th-13th, where you’ll be able to do unique games that’ll test your skill.

World of Warcraft

For those who prefer boss battles, the 9th-15 will be the Legion Dungeon event, where all bosses beaten during this time will give players an extra item. Or, if you just want to enjoy your time in World of Warcraft, do the Spring Balloon Festival from the 10th-12th, and view Azeroth from the skies above.

May 16th-22nd will be a chance for your pets to earn extra experience in battle, as well as the arrival of the PVP Brawl Deepwind Dunk. You’ll be able to travel back to the time of Cataclysm from May 23-29th via a Timewalking event. The Glowcap Festival is May 29th, and finally, the Arena Skirmish Event is from May 29th to June 5th.

That’s a lot to do in a month, so don’t miss a chance to broaden your World of Warcraft experience.


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