Heroes Of The Storm Overwatch

Heroes of the Storm is always ready to get new and exciting content from Blizzard, who literally combines all their gaming universe for the MOBA. It was recently announced that Overwatch would be the latest game to offer new content to the title, giving Heroes of the Storm not only a new character but also a brand new map. Now though, Blizzard has released the patch notes for the update and sheds further light on the changes coming.

Before we continue, it’s important to note that the changes that feature Genji and Hanamura map are only in beta right now, and are not available for public play as of yet. When they are announced though we will let you know!

First up, there’s Genji. Genji is a swordsman and assassin class character coming from Overwatch. He was once a simple man before being maimed by his brother. Though once Overwatch found him and healed him, he became much more than he could have ever believed. In the game, you’ll be able to use Genji’s speed and strength to do some pretty incredible things. You can use his “Cyber Agility” to jump to a target area. Throw Shuriken, deflect damage, and cut down enemies who are within your line of sight. That’s not even counting his Heroic Abilities such as his Dragonblade and his X-Strike.

Then, there’s the new battleground, which is based on Geni’s hometown of Hanamura. In it, you’re not trying to kill your opponents’ core directly, much like Towers of Doom. In this new map, you’re trying to escort payloads to certain points, and if you do so, the enemy team core will be damaged.

It won’t be so simple though, because there’s a lot to pay attention to. And if you don’t escort the payloads consistently, they’ll go back to their original spots. Plus, there’s a wide range of bases and items that can be used to slow your opponents down or mess with them altogether.

Be sure to check out the full notes to see all that’s being changed in Heroes of the Storm.



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