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Blizzard Details Development Of Overwatch’s Doomfist

When the first cinematic trailer of Overwatch was shown, it had a clear intent: to show off just how big and impressive this new world was. But what Blizzard didn’t expect was that a single word would start a several-year-long fan battle cry that would force the creation of a character that was meant as a simple name: Doomfist. From the moment fans heard about Doomfist via that cinematic trailer, they wanted to know more, then they wanted to play him, and finally, Blizzard revealed he was coming to Overwatch.

But the path to this point was anything but straight. Blizzard released a video showing just how Doomfist came to be in the game, and the design philosophies that were put into his character. For example, how did the Doomfist name come to be? Well, since Overwatch is a game about heroes, they needed some villain names, and Doomfist was one of the first they thought of. Then, they did do a light concept piece (which you’ll see in the video below), but its intent was just to show what could be, not what would be. Or at least, not at the time.

But once fans started getting behind him, they knew they had to go forward with it, and that meant art, animation, design, and more. It’s fascinating to see what they put into the design of Doomfist. From how his gauntlet/arm was meant to look absolutely terrifying from all sides, to the sound effects that would be heard, and to the fact that they wanted opponents to fear getting hit by him, because if they did they would go into the wall.

Even just his thoughts on life, which fleshes out his personality, are impressive, and shows the detail that Blizzard goes into making their characters. You’ve waited so long for Doomfist to arrive. Well, he’s coming on July 27th.

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