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Blizzard Confirms Lucioball Competitive Points

Blizzard recently revealed that the Overwatch Summer Games would be coming back, and that they would feature improvements based on player feedback. They even did a release video showing off what was coming. Though fans were happy with many of the improvements, and the fact that the Summer Games are now apparently an annual event, there were still some questions lying around, and fans went straight to the source to get answers to them.

Mainly, the Summer Games is bringing back the popular Lucioball. But, this time around there are going to be two stages to play on, some adjustments to character abilities in the game, and most importantly, there’s Competitive/Ranked Play in the mode. This pleased a lot of fans, but it raised questions about whether players would get points for the new form of Lucioball. Well, a fan asked that to the official Twitter handle for Overwatch, and here was their reply

That makes sense when you think about it, Lucioball does have shorter matches, so points wouldn’t be given out as much. But, also, since it is a Competitive Play Mode, you should get points, so everything works out!

Just remember though, Lucioball is only back for the Summer Games event, which runs from the 8th until the 29th. So if you want to get as many points as you can from it while it’s available, be sure to play it often.

In case you missed the other breakdowns for the Summer Games event, you’ll be able to get special outfits for both this season, and buy the ones from last season, at a discounted price no less.

Once next week comes around, Overwatch players will have a lot to do and enjoy.

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