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Blizzard Confirms Legendary Skins For Hanzo In Overwatch

Skins in Overwatch have a massive role, and players invest a lot of time into unlocking the ones they like for their favorite heroes. Blizzard does not seem to always keep a balance in the amount of skins available for each.

If one character gets a lot of new skins, it often means that one or two other characters aren’t getting any at all. Overwatch players are very loyal to their favorite characters, so when they see an imbalance of any kind on them, they call out Blizzard for doing so. In terms of skins, two of the biggest “omissions” is Widowmaker and Hanzo. For player Orthane, the omission is becoming an insult, especially since the newest character Orisa is already in talks to get a new skin:

“So it looks like even Orisa is getting a new skin, meaning she has the same amount of Unique Event unlocks that Hanzo does now.”

Hanzo Overwatch

Much like Widowmaker, Hanzo appears to only have one reskin, and it’s a “joke” to many. So as the topic asks, “Still no love for Hanzo?”

Well, maybe not for much longer, for Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan popped on the forums and said….

“Hanzo has 3 amazing legendary skins in production right now.”

This statement triggered a lot of responses, and in general, it seems that Jeff Kaplan’s brief answer might just please some Hanzo fans. The usual less positive responses also showed up, such as ”¬†Damn, that means Tracer must be getting like 10,” which is referring to the fact that Tracer tends to get plenty.

So there you have it! Blizzard is working on some special skins for Hanzo right now. No telling when they could come out, but the fact that they’re coming speaks volumes don’t you think?

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