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Blizzard Bringing Changes To Overwatch’s Junkrat

It may not seem like it, but a lot of good video game developers listen to their fans. Now yes, they don’t listen to them about everything, and for good reason, but depending on the game and the suggestion, they’ll definitely take notice of it. After all, players often have valuable insight. For the game Overwatch, a lot of people make a lot of suggestions, and is full of posts about them. One of the recent suggestions is about to be granted.

One of the most popular thread types on is suggestions for characters either being buffed, or being nerfed. It’s because of threads like this that Roadhog got changed. Well now, it appears Junkrat is the next in line to make this happen. user GreyFalcon made a post suggesting some things that would make Junkrat better via some small nerfs for balancing reasons.

Some of his suggestions were about his Concussion Mine only doing 90 damage, the Junkrat Trap only doing 110, having a cooldown of 4 seconds, and more. Now, unlike many of these posts, not only was GreyFalcon praised for his suggestions, but Blizzard actually responded to it and said they’re going to be doing something like this very soon.

Junkrat Overwatch

The word came from Principal Designer Geoff Goodman, who noted on in the tread:

“This is pretty close to what we’re trying with him, and what will likely be on the PTR when it comes back up.”

Other things Blizzard is looking into is adjusting his ult move, his health, or maybe his speed. Goodman also notes that it’s been rather fun seeing what tweaks would make Junkrat better balanced in Overwatch. What this proves is that Blizzard is listening, and that if you have good thoughts, and the timing is right, Blizzard might just make changes based on what you want.

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