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Bless Online Closing Russian Servers, Sent Back For “Revision”

It appears as though the Russian servers for Bless Online are shutting down in order for the game to be sent for “revision.” Since these are the beta servers, it’s curious that they’re being shut down at all. But according to one article on the game’s website, the reaction and response to Bless Online weren’t exactly what the developers were expecting:

Last year, we launched in Russia and the CIS anticipated MMORPG Bless. Players and the company has pinned high hopes on the game, which, unfortunately, did not materialize in full.”

What hopes they had for it were not stated, but they did state that the game would be in “revision” for an “indefinite period, to return in an improved form.”

Bless Online

The Russian servers will close on May 25th, and all payments for the game will stop on April 25th. However, you will still be able to play the game until the servers close. In fact, all previously scheduled events and such will still play out right up to May 24th.

Not surprisingly, it looks as though the team feels bad that they have to pull the game at all, and so, for any players who have spent money on Bless Online, you have the ability to file for a refund. But don’t delay if you hope to have your purchases refunded, because you only have until June 25th. If you have questions on how to get your refund please consult the website.

It’ll be interesting to see if Bless Online will return to Russia, and if so, what “improved form” it will be in. Bless Online is an upcoming MMORPG developed by Neowiz Games and based in South Korea. The game opened for Beta Access in Russia late last year in December.

Note: The sources for this article were translated from the original Russian. We apologize for any inaccuracies that may have been a result of our translation efforts.

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