Bless Online Is Getting Another Server Merge

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Logo-Bless-Online-2Bless Online, the Korean version, is getting yet another server merge. It seems that the merge will go live at the beginning of the next month. Last time the merge happened, the game was left with only 10 servers and after this merge, it will come down to only 2 live servers.

Because of that, players are already able to start transferring their characters in order to reserve their names and additional data.

With all this, there are a couple of things that come to our minds. What’s really happening with this game and why are players so unhappy with it? Because, as we all know, the merges can mean only one thing, and that is; only a few players are actually playing the game.

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This definitely doesn’t look good for the English, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese upcoming versions of the game.

Let’s just hope that the West will give better feedback on the game because if this keeps up, maybe we won’t even have the chance to try it out.

Tell us your thoughts on this. What do you think might be the problem with Bless Online in Korea? Feel free to share this and leave a comment below.

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