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Pets have always been a big selling-point of MMORPGs for me. I indulge in collecting creatures that range from irresistibly cute to dangerously cool. There’s an undeniable charm associated with having a companion on an adventure. NCSoft realizes the appeal of pets, and has accordingly announced that they will be added to Blade & Soul as part of the 2.2 Vengeance Breaks update on June 1st.

Blade & Soul - Pets

To obtain a pet, players must have a minimum level of 50. Pet summoning items can be obtained as rare drops from Heroic dungeons or randomly in pet poaches from the Hongmoon Store. Pets also aren’t purely cosmetic! They will provide defensive bonuses to their owners when they’re summoned. The defensive bonuses provided do not depend on the species of the pet, so choose your companion based on their appearances.

There will be two quality of pets: Superior and Heroic. Superior pets, despite the name, are ironically inferior to Heroic pets. Superior pets cannot be traded or upgraded unlike Heroic pets. In fact, Superior pets will generally be salvaged for Enhancement Stones, which are materials used to upgrade Heroic pets. Each Heroic pet can be upgraded ten times, with each additional level providing extra defensive bonuses. See the table below for the health and defense boosts a pet of a certain level will provide their owner:

Blade & Soul - Pet Bonuses

A pet will only be active for a set duration before it must be recharged. Players must feed their pets Petnip to recharge them to continue receiving their benefits. The duration left before a pet must be recharged can be checked by hovering over its summoning item.

The available pets include a ghost, panda, grizzly cub, dragon, sheep, an infernal, differently colored penguins, griffon, and an otter. The otter unfortunately will not be available until a later date. Read the news post by NCSoft for a complete run-down about pets. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on any of them! If the picture of the three pets above are any indication, the other pets should look adorably cute. Which pet are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

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