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Blade & Soul Introduces A New Class

We all know Blade & Soul, the MMORPG that had the combat system of a fighting game instead of a typical MMORPG where you just stand in one place and press buttons. Well, a new class is on its way, and it is a combination of the Force Master and the Kung Fu Master. Dealing damage from afar and from up close is something that wasn’t present in Blade&Soul, until now. Using the elemental stance they can bombard enemies with ice from a safe position, or they can tear them apart from close range with the Kung Fu stance.




The Soul Fighter builds up his Chi over the course of the battle and when they achieve their maximum Chi levels they unleash their most ferocious and damaging combo, laying waste to any opponent. Quite flexible and evasive, they can dodge more powerful attacks and retaliate with the force of an equal or even greater power. Being masters of the Chi, they can also cast buffs and heal, which makes them important in groups. Races who can play the Soul Fighter are the Gon, Jin, and the Yun.


This patch also added a bunch of new minor things and tweaks. The Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge is now live and it lasts until July 20th. Hongmoon Training Pouches are your reward for completing the Daily Challenges, and they are full of various goodies for you to claim. Some dungeons have also had their gold increased and Soul Fighters will appear in the Trial Arena and the Tower of Infinity.

Lastly, experience gained from the 1v1 Duel Arena, 3v3 Tag Match, and 6v6 Whirlwind Valley has been increased and the third PVP season went live and will last from June 22 to August 2.

Full patch notes can be found here!










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