Blade and Soul’s Combotastic New Class: Soul Fighter

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Blade and Soul combos its way through the week with the new Soul Fighter class, a character designed to benefit patrons suffering from button mashing madness.

The Soul Fighter is probably a similar, oriental version of a “hybrid” class that has been gaining popularity over the years, despite existing since the beginning of the fantasy genre. The battlemage or spellsword incorporates a playstyle that combines the intensity of close ranged fighting and the downright awesomeness of magic.


bs04The Soul Fighter has two stances to choose from: the Kung Fu stance and the Elemental stance. You can probably tell which is which.

The Kung Fu stance brings the battle up close and personal– as Soul Fighters are essentially deadly energy bunnies, and they can dodge a hit and launch a counterattack from behind, leading up to a devastating combo right as the bad guy thinks he’ll finally hit something.

The Elemental stance, on the other hand, uses the kiting strategy. The Soul Fighter manipulates cold and deadly winds and angry blizzards to damage opponents from afar. If they get close, a skill will get them pushed back and open for long ranged devastation.



Due to the nature of the class and of course the gameplay style of Blade and Soul, this class will have a lot of combos to have them dancing in and out of range and dealing damage while controlling the enemy.


Watch Blade and Soul’s video featuring the Soul Fighter on YouTube!


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