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Black Panther and Captain America’s First Team Up

This year marks Black Panther’s 50th anniversary, so let’s go back in the past, and see when he first met up with none other than Captain America!


It was in the pages of 1968’s TALES OF SUSPENSE #97#99, where Panther decided to send a remote aircraft to request for help against an invasion that was somehow connected to Cap. This intrigued The First Avenger so he got on the jet and took off to Wakanda.

As soon as he got off the jet, Black Panther pounced on him to test his might. Once Steve’s identity was confirmed by the King, T’Challa explained to him that they needed to stop a solar heat projector satellite up in space. Being unable to pierce the force fields that were surrounding the satellite, our two heroes went to destroy a control complex set on Wakandan soil. They also came face to face with a group of purple-and-white-clad henchmen, who revealed Baron Zemo to be their master!

Cap. was shocked, as the man who was supposed to be dead, is standing right in front of him. But that didn’t stop him and Panther, as they immediately started battling the henchman and their evil leader. Even with their great strengths, the two heroes owe their lives to Agent 13, who was pretending to be Zemo’s confidant Irma Kruhl. After revealing her true identity, Agent 13 assisted Cap and Panther against Zemo’s horde. Panther went on his own to eliminate any hidden assailants, and along the way, he ended up facing a giant robot called The Destruction.

Captain then unmasked Zemo and he actually turned out to be the pilot of the real Zemo, who was deceased. Once it was revealed that their leader is a fake, the Baron came apart. T’Challa then offered a fair trial to the minions, but only if they surrender. Having no other way out, and seeing that Panther had good intentions, the henchmen surrendered. After all that was done, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. destroyed the satellite, making the world safe, until the next threat shows up!

So that’s a somewhat short summary of the first team up of our two heroes. If you’re a fan of Marvel, you’ve probably already read this piece, but if you didn’t, make sure you do as soon as possible!


Written by Dante

Dante is a student, a writer, a gamer and a constructor of cleverly crafted words. His number one goal is to be the best version of himself, and he believes that writing about the games and sending his word to the world will help him achieve just that. He loves playing games like LoL, Hearthstone, Path of Exile, and DotA 2 when he has the time.

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