Black Desert Online: Warfare Trailer Event

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Fans of Black Desert Online will be mighty pleased to find out that they’re hosting a Warfare: Trailer Event. Throughout this competition, the game community will have an opportunity to create a video anywhere from half of a minute to three minutes, showcasing the game’s PVP mode. The submission period started yesterday on June 17th, but will continue through to early July. Then from July 6th-13th the opportunity for voting will open up.

Black Desert OnlineThe trailer is intended to encourage PVP oriented players to get into the game, and must showcase all key elements of the PVP experience. Resolution must be at least 720p with 25fps, though 30 is preferred.

Footage from GvG, Siege/Node War, Duel 1:1 or Party vs Party, as well as Red Battlefield. Finally, the trailer must include the intro and outro provided by BDO, as well as original music from the game.

UI must be disabled, which the rules post describes as tricky but feasible. Top ten winners are required to provide raw assets as well as a final cut video. Prizes include thousands of pearls.

This is a great opportunity for fans of Black Desert Online with a passion for video editing to get their hands dirty creating some content for a game they enjoy.

For more details on the contest, visit the official post here!

Source: Black Desert Forum

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