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Black Desert Online Player Seeks Truth About Server Issues

One of the things that separate MMORPGs from other genres of video games is the servers that the games are played on. Sure, the games themselves are technically on the computers, but, the players, their information, and more are played on servers that house thousands of other players. In fact, servers are placed all over the world for these games so that all players can have a seamless experience. Or at least, in theory. For in Black Desert Online, people have been having a lot of server issues. And one player decided to see out why.

Redditor Blackboxeq decided to do a little test to see what he could find out. You see, while his own connection was working flawlessly, he had a friend in Arizona who wasn’t so lucky. So, using some devices, he did some research. He got the IP address for Black Desert Online’ server, then followed the trail to see where it all went.

What he found out was that the servers were actually being hosted by a service called Leaseweb. They’re the backbone of the game if you will, paving the routes and such for players to connect to the servers and so on. So, what’s the problem then? Well, it appears as though if you’re not on the right “path”, like he is for example, you’re going to have issues.

For in his test, he had a Ping that was less than 100, which is good. But when he followed his friends path, once it his the Leaseweb internal domain, the Ping started to rise until it got to where it was now. He makes it clear though that it’s uncertain if this is what is making numerous players of the game get lag and other server issues, but this could be one of the culprits.

Are you having any issues with the game? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. its been public knowledge that leaseweb has been the host over the 2 years, the servers sometimes have issues for some of us other not so much, alot of it is the connected nodes to them and us. Being in Canada I have rare issues myself yet guild mates do. all different, but game is fantastic regardless

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