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Black Desert Online Patch Reworks Skills

Patches do more than people think. Yes, they often fix bugs and glitches in order to stabilize the game better, but they often add content to the game, or even adjust the game to better suit players. Black Desert Online has recently released the Patch Notes for their latest update, and you’ll see that things are about to get changed for the better when it comes to the skills player characters have.

How so? Well, Black Desert Online is making it so that the moment you create your character, you now have a certain number of skills already unlocked. For example, the Warrior will automatically have Heavy Strike, Charging Thrust, Deep Thrust, Sideways Cut, Chopping Kick, Counter, and Ground Slash upon creation. This is no doubt meant to give players more freedom when they play in the early aspects of the game. And this change applies to all character classes.

Speaking of character classes, all of them have had bugs and glitches fixed that were associated with them. For example, the Striker and the Mystic can now sprint after using Flash Step.

Items and their abilities have also been adjusted. For example, if you use Spirit Stones from now on, you can get Mysterious Spirit Powder as a result. This powder is used to help repair Alchemy Stones, and can also help Blood Items.

Content wise, Black Desert Online is getting some major additions. Like Rift of the Barbarian, which is a tower defense game within the MMORPG. There will be 25 waves of monsters waiting for you to slay them…if you can. Oh, and if you’re level 56 and up? You can actually enter Rift of the Barbarian right from the main menu!

This is but the tip of the iceberg in terms of what the patch added and fixed. Be sure to check out the full patch notes to see what else was put into the game.


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