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How Has Black Desert Online Done Since Launch?

It’s one thing to have a good launch, it’s another thing to be successful after it. For video games, this couldn’t be more true. For while launch sales may be a good place to start, it truly is how you finish that’ll determine how the game is remembered. For MMORPGs, this means not only getting players, but sustaining them for a long period of time. Black Desert Online is one such MMORPG, and one potential player is asking how the game is really doing.

This comes from Reddit user jmgurtler, who is considering playing Black Desert Online, but heard a bunch of the criticisms heaved at the game during its early going. So he’s seeking out the truth from those playing it now to see if it’s worth his time. He asked a series of questions for them:

“1) Would you say the game has improved? How? 2) How is the population of the game? Increasing, decreasing? 3) How is end game content? 4) Would you recommend to start playing now?”

Naturally, the community replied to each of his questions. Most Reddit users agree that Black Desert Online has improved significantly since launch. They note that early problems like delays on Node Wars have been resolved. Also, there’s a wider polish on the game than there was at launch.

The population has grown significantly since its launch, not the least of which is because the game also launched on Steam. Because that platform had the game at a good price, a lot of people jumped in. It’s also coming to the Xbox One, so that will grow the population too.

The end game content is said to be about the same, however, the stakes and scale are much bigger than before. And as for getting in now, many players think he should:

“Good time to start playing alongside many other new players who you can party up with and get help from,” says player HuntedWolf.

Do you want to get into Black Desert Online? Does this help convince you to do so? Let us know in the comments below!

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