BioWare Confirms Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Not Release on Nintendo Switch

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by Ham

There is no doubt that the next entry in the Mass Effect franchise is one of the most anticipated titles we’ve seen in a long time. This is possibly down to a couple of reasons, one being that the RPG series is immensely popular, and another that we barely know anything about it yet.

Given this week’s reveal about the next Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch, there has been a lot of speculation regarding what titles will appear on the console when it releases next year in March. Having also shared an image showing huge third-party support from major game developers across the industry, Nintendo looked to be bringing an exciting product capable of bringing a few fan favourites over to their side.

One of the titles that won’t be heading over there however will be Mass Effect: Andromeda, which was confirmed on Twitter by Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble.


Fans will be expecting some major reveals regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda on November 7th (N7 Day) but with this latest revelation it doesn’t look good for Nintendo Switch owners. In another rather odd twist, Bethesda have stated that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is not confirmed for the Nintendo Switch after all, despite featuring in the reveal trailer earlier this week.

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