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Bethesda To Release Prey Demo On April 27th

Prey is the reboot of the fan-favorite first-person shooter who’s sequel never came to be. Now, it’s being remade by Bethesda in a whole new way, and will come out this May. However, to get you excited for what is coming, they’re going to be releasing a demo on April 27th to show you the very first hour of the game. Thus, giving you more of a clue as to what’s to come.

In Prey, you’re going to play as a scientist named Morgan Yu, who, as Bethesda puts it, “is about to have a very bad day.” You see, he’s on a space station orbiting the moon named Talos I, and it’s supposed to be his first day. But as we know in sci-fi, nothing ever goes to plan. An alien race called the Typhon has broken out of prison cells on the base, and you must now fight them off. But as you’ll see, Morgan isn’t just a regular human, he’s going to be able to wield abilities¬†that are very similar to the Typhon’s. So now, you won’t just be able to shoot them, you’ll able to do other things as well.

But who are the Typhon? How did Talos I even come to be around the moon? Well, that’s the beauty of Prey, it’s set in an alternate version of our Earth’s timeline. In it, President Kennedy actually lived, and his desire to explore space pushed humanity further into the stars. However, this drew the attention of a collection of alien races called the Typhon, and they attacked Earth. Earth rallied together and beat back the Typhon, even beating them back and putting them on Talos I, which was originally a prison vessel.

But…time went on, money changed hands, and a corporation took over, ran experiments on the Typhon to harness their abilities, and give it to humans. Say…like Morgan Yu? Yeah, nothing is what it seems in Prey, and this demo will give you a clear indication of the sci-fi fun and action you’ll have in the game.

Prey releases May 5th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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