There isn’t much more satisfying than getting a kill in a game like Overwatch (besides focusing on the payload, right?), but the Blizzard shooter is able to take it that one step further thanks to its hefty roster of characters and their in-game dialogue.

Each hero is equipped with unlockable voice lines that can be blurted out at a mere push of a couple of buttons. This isn’t the limit in terms of speech however, as other random lines are uttered depending on the character and whatever the situation. With that in mind, here is a few fan favorite lines chosen by the Overwatch community.

Community user GamingSans chose:

“Ah, Aiming is overrated” Junkrat when they kill someone with the primary fire.

Heimax meanwhile is keen on hearing what Sombra has to say when getting a kill up close and personal:

“I know Kung-Fu” when Sombra eliminates an enemy with a Melee attack.

Siding with Hanzo’s often badass nature,¬†Wolf suggested:

“They fall before me, one after another.” -Hanzo on a multikill.

Some members of the Overwatch forums even chose some choice words from Punk Tracer, who lashes out with “W*nker” or “T*sser”, though these are only heard on very rare occasions. On the subject of Tracer, a personal favorite is her mocking of Reaper, who exaggeratedly grunts out “Death comes” after killing him.

For maximum cool points, you can’t go far wrong with pretty much anything McCree says, with TasteTheHate picking out a particular highlight:

“Someone call the undertaker”

Do you have a favorite line from Overwatch? Let us know in the comments section below.


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