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Berserk Game Confirmed for Fall 2016 Release

214125155Berserk is a popular Manga/Anime well known for its rather crushing story line and gruesome violence and traumatic scenes. Being a hit in Japan and America alike the series is now coming to PS4, PS Vita, and PC.  From the creators of the “Warrior” games; Berserk is noted to play like Warrior’s Orochi 3, but has a unique twist and that same charm that is carried throughout the Berserk series. Koei Tecmo says: Berserk is planned to “closely follow the events of the most well-known story arcs from the iconic manga’s narrative, focusing on the daring and heroic life of Guts as he cuts his way through a sinister realm of magical and demonic fiends.

The Director for the game: Hisashi Koinuma, has emphasized that the game will focus a ton of effort into the “massive” story. Saying that the game will start in the Golden Age arc. It’s also implied that the game will put a focus into entertaining cutscenes, as the director also said that the game will be enjoyable to those who don’t even play games.

It seems if you are a Berserk fan then this title is a must-have for you. This much-anticipated release is intended to be available in Fall 2016.

Written by Yasin Price

Yasin is a flash animator with 7 years of experience and a passionate gamer. He is knowledgeable in multiple genres of games and even ran his own business.

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