Become a Famous Youtuber in Youtubers Life

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Many people envy the lives of popular Youtubers. They are able to sustain a living and generate a fan base through the creation of content that they enjoy producing. The job of a Youtuber appears to be enjoyable and without stress. What if anyone could experience the daily life as a Youtuber? Well now you can! Youtubers Life is a simulation/tycoon game in Early Access by U-Play Online where the player will role-play as a Youtuber with a gaming channel.

YouTubers Life - Logo

The player will initially start off in their bedroom at their parents’ house. Using the easily accessible video creation system in the game, the player will be able to smoothly start their own channel. As their channel increases in popularity, the player will be able to purchase their own living space. When the player becomes fatigued with creating videos, they can attend various events, such as clubs and gaming conventions. Socialize with other characters to gain more popularity, and possibly even get married! The options are limitless as the player lives their dream of becoming a world-reowned Youtuber.

Check out the official trailer below to visualize what you may expect from Youtubers Life:

If Youtubers Life intrigues you, purchase it for $14.99 on Steam to begin your life as a Youtuber.

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