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BDO Players Experiencing Performance Issues

Don’t you just hate it when a patch arrives and while it fixes some problems, it creates more of them at the same time? Well, that can’t be avoided considering how huge and complex MMORPGs are, but sometimes the problems that come with a new patch can be a tad bit overbearing. BDO players are having some performance issues while the game is minimized, and that is the topic of today’s discussion.


You see, in a game like BDO, that is a sandbox MMORPG and all, you actually spend a lot of time not actually playing the game, but keeping it minimized. You usually have to wait for different kinds of things to finish, and then you usually just minimize the game and go and watch a YouTube video, or you play another game, doesn’t matter. The last patch that came to BDO caused some major issues to some players, while it didn’t affect the rest at all. Reddit user imsoenthused said the following:

“I’m sure I’m not alone in that I spend a lot more time running BDO than actually playing BDO. The mechanics plainly encourage keeping it running and minimized even when doing other things. But since the last major patch, I can’t do it. I used to have BDO open all the time, but now even switching tabs on my browser is slow if I leave it open. I can get the memory and cpu usage down a little bit, if I use the task manager to set BDOs priority to low and I set the processor affinity to a single core, but not enough to approach how it was before. Is this ever going to get fixed, or is this just how it is now?”

The odd thing about this particular problem is that while some users are experiencing performance issues, others reported that their performance got better after the patch. This is certainly strange, but still, the problem remains and while before you could keep BDO minimized and play other games at the same time, now you have trouble switching from one tab to another. People have been suggesting various tweaks and fixes, and some people even manage to improve their performance by restarting the game, but of course, this didn’t work for everyone.


From the looks of it, there’s no fix for this problem that works for everyone, so let’s hope that the developers release a hotfix or a small patch soon!

Written by Dante

Dante is a student, a writer, a gamer and a constructor of cleverly crafted words. His number one goal is to be the best version of himself, and he believes that writing about the games and sending his word to the world will help him achieve just that. He loves playing games like LoL, Hearthstone, Path of Exile, and DotA 2 when he has the time.

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