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BattlEye aims at Rainbow Six Siege cheaters

It comes as no surprise that the latest installment in the first-person shooter franchise has seen its fair share of cheaters since launch. However, Rainbow Six Siege’s developmental team are taking steps to deter players from cheating whilst playing the game. Entitled BattlEye, the program is set to scan your PC to detect any software that could be used to manipulate the game to your advantage. This will work alongside FairFight’s server-side defences in order to provide a fair and competitive environment.


BattlEye is currently in Beta, and was introduced via the 3.4.1 patch for PC gamers. This will give the team time to test and fine-tune BattlEye to make sure it runs smoothly. This means that BattlEye will be unable to ban cheaters for the time being, though FairFight will continue to ban as normal. For fans who wish to know more, head to the BattlEye FAQ for more information.

Rainbow Six Siege is the latest entry in the critically-acclaimed FPS series. Taking control of a counter-terrorism unit known as a Rainbow team, players have access to different weapons, bombs and gadgets depending on which operator they use. The game is heavily online based and considered the successor to the now cancelled Rainbow Six: Patriots. Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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