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Battlerite Concept Art Contest Enters Stage Two

Battlerite is a PVP brawler set in an arena, one where teams of players (or single players) pick a champion and battle to see who can be the best. Each champion is unique, and has special weapons and abilities to help them succeed in battle. The team behind the game truly love their characters, but they also love the people who play their game. So, to that end, they created a special contest. One that would allow players to help design a future outfit for one of their characters. In this case, Jade.

The rules were simple, it had to be an outfit that Jade would wear in the game. So it wasn’t just an art contest, it was a concept art contest. But, as the team noted on Steam, they didn’t expect the overwhelming reaction to the contest that they got. In fact, so many people turned in excellent concept art that the team took longer to pick the final one to go into the game. So…they’re going to let you decide.

On the Steam page (link above), there are six different choices for you to choose from, such as the picture above. All you need to do is place your vote on the one you think would be best. Now, to remind you, the winning pick will be made into an actual outfit for Jade in Battlerite. So don’t just go for looks (though that’s obviously important), think about which one would be best in the game itself.

The winner of the contest will receive one Legendary Loot pack and Five Creepy Chests. Runners-up will either get Creepy Chests or an in-game title of “Art Warrior”. So again, think before you vote, there’s a lot riding on this.

And who knows? Maybe another art contest will happen soon!


Written by GlyphMasterson

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