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Battlerite Available On Steam Early Access

Battlerite is a new MOBA, developed and published by Stunlock Studios, that combines a top-down shooter with a fast-paced fighting game. The first time I talked about Battlerite it was in alpha and was only available to a small amount of people that had a Steam key. Well, recently the game went into Steam Early Access and it has been getting overall great reviews from the players.

The devs at Stunlock Studios have stated that their reason behind Early Access is for players to be able to play the game while it’s developing and that they are aiming to fully release the game around the first quarter of 2017. They also mentioned that their goal is to fix every bug, balance every hero, and add even more content to the game before its full release.


When asked what difference the full game will have from the current state of the game, they pointed out a few things:

  • Gameplay balance tuned to perfection
  • An expanded roster of diverse and battle-hungry Champions
  • New Arenas
  • Expansions and improvements to Ranking Systems
  • More ways of smashing in style with additional weapons, skins and other visual customizations
  • Battlerite made available with dedicated servers in more regions
  • Improvements and polish across the board including but not limited to
  • Social System
  • Replay System
  • New user experience & Progression System
  • Menu interface and HUD

If you’re interested in purchasing Battlerite, visit their Steam page

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