Battlefield 1

When Battlefield 1 was announced, it shocked everyone by not going forward in time, but backward. Not even the backward that people predicted by going back to the classic WWII setting that it filled so well. No, Battlefield 1 went to World War I, a war that was mostly untouched by the industry and not often explored by AAA companies.

Yet, some gamers have noted that while Battlefield 1 did a very wide scope on WWI (which in and of itself comprised 4 years filled with intense battles), one battle, in particular, was left out. A battle that was one of the biggest, longest, and bloodiest battles of the war, The Battle of the Somme.

This battle lasted for 5 months, and by the time everything was said and done, the casualty toll was of 1.5 million soldiers. Just on the first day of the battle, the British forces had over 50,000 casualties, and nearly 20,000 of them died. That was just day one. Days, weeks, and months of this continued until finally, it ended.

Battlefield 1

This was one of the battles that proved that while technology had advanced in the world, war tactics hadn’t. Infamous, the commanders of the British and French forces in the Somme couldn’t decide how long they should continue bombardment before they sent the soldiers in. This was part of the reason why so many died.

Many Battlefield 1 players on Reddit are all out for this and would be very surprised if this grand scale battle didn’t make it into the game as a DLC. DICE has already developed DLC for the game and promised more could be on the way, so maybe this legendary battle will make it after all.


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