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Battleborn Getting Three New Maps

Battleborn’s developer talked about the game getting free content after the launch, things like new modes, characters, and maps. Well, now we get a map for each Competitive Multiplayer mode in the game!

Incursion Map – Monuments



This map is set on Ekkunar, the last large green planet in the universe, which makes it a highly contested territory.  All five of the factions have attempted to settle on the planet, to take control of its resources. Your goal is to stop other factions from settling within one of the largest Aztanti settlement ruins on Ekkunar. The matches will be brutal fights to gain territory and drive away other teams before they can gain access to the mysterious and powerful secrets of abandoned Aztanti technology.

Meltdown Map – Outskirts


The second map is set in a new recycling/appeasement facility in the lower city slums of the Jennerit planet,Tempest. Racing the other team to hurl minions into the incinerators and cause a meltdown to appease Minrec will be your main focus here, so focus on that!

Capture map – Snowblind


Our last map is located on the icy moon Bliss, where the Peacekeeper Ocoban Mining Facility has been freed from Varelsi and Imperium. Once again, you will race other teams to help rebuild the base by activating the energy collectors to re-power the facility. Don’t be fooled, winning reconstruction contracts will be a hellish fight, so be prepared to fight for your life!


You can read about the maps in more detail here!


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