Battle Princess Madelyn

Yet another video game is on the path to being funded on Kickstarter. In under 4 days on the crowdfunding platform, and with the help of 1,200 backers and counting, Battle Princess Madelyn has reached and surpassed its funding goal. This means that once the KS is over, the game can be completed, as well as making it much more beneficial to pledge to the project, as the rewards are basically guaranteed now.

As for what the game is, Battle Princess Madelyn is an old-school adventure title modeled after the likes of Ghost N’ Goblins. By that, the team at Casual Bit Games means that there will be a rather punishing difficulty to the title, as well as waves upon waves of enemies you have to fight. In the game, you’ll play as the titular Madelyn, who has found out her family has been kidnapped by an evil wizard. That same wizard killer her dog, who is now her companion as a ghost.

A benefit of this Kickstarter is that you can actually experience a part of the game via an alpha that’ll reveal a part of the game as well as show off five stages from Battle Princess Madelyn. So if you’re hesitant about the game, try the alpha, and see if it’s something you’d want to support.

The game boasts an impressive pixel style that’s meant to look like the arcade and adventure games of the bygone video game era. All of that mixed with a gameplay style that also harkens back to the old days of video gaming. There are collectibles hidden in every stage, and there are 50+ stages that you’ll be able to play through, and then play again once you beat them.

Battle Princess Madelyn will be on Kickstarter for the next 26 days, so if you’re up for supporting an indie game, or feel this is something you’d want to pledge to, head on over and show your support.


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