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Backup Saves Wanted By Nintendo Switch Users

As technology advances, and new ideas and possibilities arise, it’s a wonder when something new arrives that we never thought of before. The opposite though is also true, as in it’s curious when something that’s been around for a while isn’t in a new piece of technology. Especially when it’s a vital component or just something that should be there. For Nintendo Switch owners, they’re feeling that later problem right now in regards to save data for the console.

To clarify, the save data on the Nintendo Switch is saved to the system memory, not to the cartridges themselves you play on, or the digital downloads themselves. While this makes them very safe in one regard, it leaves them very vulnerable. Plus, the data itself cannot be transferred from the system to an SD card or other memory devices. This has many Switch users worried, including Reddit user Kraivyne who states:

“Not being able to backup my Switch game data while seeing a few reports about losing data due to repairs, has me worried.”

Nintendo Switch

He’s not the only one either, many other Reddit users chimed in on the fact that you can’t backup your saved data in Nintendo Switch games. Though some are hopeful that Cloud Saving could arrive and literally save the day (via the new Nintendo internet service that is coming later this year), others though aren’t so hopeful. To them, the fact that Nintendo isn’t even talking about this and what it means for players is very disheartening:

“The sheer fact that we even have to talk about being able to back up saves is astonishing,” says player Porshapwr.

What the future holds for saving data on the Nintendo Switch is still up in the air. It’s possible that Nintendo is working on something, or maybe they’re confident that the system memory saves will be enough, it’s hard to say at this point.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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