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Autumn Harvest Returns to RIFT

The full moon signals one thing, and that is the start of the seasonal Autumn Harvest in RIFT, which starts on October 26, 2017, and ends on November 16, 2017. This is the time when players get to reclaim some awesome loot that the sneaky Fae stole all through the entire year, and you can get this loot by taking part in Seasonal Rifts.


The last time that we talked about RIFT we covered the Halloween-themed Power Pick, and the Autumn Harvest is coming along with past events.

Players, are you ready to visit a brand new dimension? It’s called the Iron Tomb, and there are lots of items that you can use to customize it, like candles, candle holders, and items like that. What is something that also occurs once the Halloween events start? Trick-or-treating, but more specifically, dressing up and scaring people. Well, you don’t need to exactly scare people, but these masks are pretty scary and include a mummy head, a dragon skull, a decayed head, and a budgie. We are also getting some cool wings to try out. These Raven Wings are perfectly made for someone that is looking to customize their character and give them a darker, edgier look. As an added bonus, these black wings also have a subtle, eerie effect around the edges.

The Autumn Harvest is also bringing upgraded necklaces to RIFT, and a new mount, a new companion pet, new weapon skins, and more. The Autumn Harvest comes after 4.3: Crucia’s Claw.

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