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  • Crowfall
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    Crowfall Presents the Male Assassin and Druid Variants

    Player customization has always been a huge part of any game. It is what makes the character that you choose to spend hours on truly unique and yours. Having said that, Crowfall is reaching the end of the concept phase for the designs of equipment worn by the different races and genders, so expect to […] More

  • Final Fantasy XIV

    Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates Starlight Seasonal Holiday

    The citizens of Eorzea are preparing to celebrate their annual Starlight Celebration seasonal event once again! Starting December 15th at 12:00AM  (PST) and until December 31st 6:59AM (PST) adventurers in Eorzea will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the seasonal event. You can join the festivities and general merriment of the holiday decorating your house or […] More

  • Tree of Saviour
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    Tree of Savior Players: a GM Meeting Is on the Way

    Tree of Savior will have a Game Masters meeting  in-game on November 29-30 across all servers. Travel to channel 1/2 of Gateway of the Great King (Lv. 58), in the area near the Statue of Goddess Vakarine. Check out the map below to see where the meeting will take place. Times of the meeting are as follows: […] More

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    Square Enix’s Akashic Re:cords: 1M Downloads

    Akashic Re:cords that was recently published by Square Enix in collaboration with KADOKAWA, has announced today via the Square Enix’s CEO Yosuke Matsuda that their game for Smartphones has surpassed 1 million downloads. To commemorate the 1 million download breakthrough of “Akashic Re:cords”,  a special login bonus is underway. During the implementation period of this special login bonus, you […] More

  • ArcheAge
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    News Update on ArcheAge 3.0 From Japan

    We finally have a new update for ArcheAge 3.0, also known as ArcheAge: Revelation.  Today it was released on the official Japanese site in the second bulletin called  “Orchida’s hatred”, a more detailed information about the new races that will be implemented with ArcheAge 3.0. The Dwarven race is part of the Nuian faction, on the […] More