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  • NieR: Automata Battle
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    Correcting NieR: Automata Fullscreen Resolution Problems

    Since its recent release, the action RPG NieR: Automata cannot run on a monitor’s native resolution in fullscreen mode. It will render at a selected resolution and downscale to the nearest supported resolution that isn’t the monitor’s native aspect ration. But there is a solution. One active member of the Steam modding community, Kaldaien, has […] More

  • Grim Dawn - Necromancer
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    Grim Dawn Adding Necromancers Mastery

    Crate Entertainment has revealed a new mastery for the multiplayer game Grim Dawn; the Inquisitor Mastery. They have since been hinting at a second mastery, and announced yesterday in a forum post that they will soon be adding a Necromancer Mastery. Inquisitors and necromancers will be joining will be joining the other classes, including soldiers, demolitionists, […] More