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Australian Overwatch Players Tired Of Server Ping Issues

There are many components that go into making games, and when it comes to making online games, one of the key components is servers, which are what let the game be played online by so many people, and some servers can even host thousands of people depending on their build. However, there are downsides to servers, one of them being location. If you’re not within a certain range of a server, your connection to it won’t be good, and as a result, your framerate (among other things) in the game will be terrible. This has been a consistent problem for Australian Overwatch players.

To be clear, Australia does have Overwatch servers from Blizzard. However, they aren’t plentiful, and can fill up fast, leaving players either waiting to try and get in. But, the more common problem is that they’re transferred to another countries server…say…the US servers? And if you don’t recall the map of the globe, Australia and the US are far away from one another. For Reddit user Homem, he’s tired of being put on them:

“I dont care if it takes me 10 minutes to queue for a comp match if servers are scarce, but getting put into an American Server with ~200ping is so…”

You can fill in the blank.

Image: Polygon

What makes the situation even worse for some is that this issue has been known pretty much since the launch of Overwatch, and as Homem notes further, it’s been on Reddit quite a lot, yet, “radio silence.”

Now, to be fair to both sides, not all Australian players have this problem. Some don’t get as big a Ping boost when they’re transferred to other servers, but some do, and that’s important. More servers in Australia would solve this problem for many, but whether that’ll happen is really unclear.

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