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Australia Is Like Mad Max In Overwatch?

When one creates a new video game world, there are a lot of questions they need to ask themselves. Primarily, is it Earth, or is it a new world? From there, they can decide what the world looks like, who’s in charge, what are the land masses like, etc. For Overwatch, they based the game on Earth, but in an alternate timeline where the titular team saved the world from invasion, and the world went through several technological advances as a result. But…there were some…downsides to this in this world…

The more Overwatch updates, the more we get to see the world at large. With the recent return of Lucioball, we got to go to Sydney Australia as a new arena. But apparently Sydney is one of the only good places in Australia. Or at least, according to Redditor _Puggsly. Who notes that it’s kind of wrong that got the bid to host this event:

“Seriously, Junkertown, and a large portion of the center of Australia are a Mad Max, irradiated nightmare, and instead of focusing on aid for those affected, and clean up of the region, they make a bid to host the Summer Games in Sydney, and win?!”






Now, he’s not blaming Blizzard for this, rather, he’s blaming the Australian government (and the Summer Games committee) within the Overwatch universe. Because it’s clear that some corruption is going on due to the deplorable state of the country. _Puggsly even goes so far as to liken it to have the Winter Games close to Chernobyl.

It does make you think, if Australia really is that bad, why have the Summer Games there? Is there something going on behind the scenes? Is this the start of something else? Who knows?

Funnily enough, other Redditors aren’t thrown by _Puggsly’s notes about the terrible Australian government, for as they say, “so they modeled it after the real life ones?”

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