Auroria Zones Can Now Be Claimed For Castle Building In ArcheAge’s September Update

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by Dante

Now that the September Update is live, the Auroria zones of Sungold Fields and Exeloch can be claimed for castle building! If a guild wants to make one of these zones their own, they will compete by using the standard territory claim mechanic. The first ones to deliver a Purifying Archeum pack to the unclaimed lodestone will claim the land as their own.


The guild leader will then receive the “Lordly Supply” package that contains the wall, the tower, and the gatehouse designs, as well as some Lord Coins. They will also get an Emberwild Charger mount and the Lord’s zone-specific costume.

Once you claim the Archeum Lodestone in either Sungold Fields or Exeloch, you will gain the ability to claim plots of land. In Exeloch you have housing areas that are located mostly along the coastal waterfront and they support a small neighborhood of houses. Sungold Fields has player housing that’s set along the coastal inlets and it’s nestled deep in the mountain region. These housing areas are definitely smaller than the other 6 housing zones, but they do have their own advantages, like access to nearby world events.


If you’re an ArcheAge player, be sure to go and claim these lands as your own as quickly as possible!

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