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Atlas Reactor Unveils Season 03 Content

Atlas Reactor is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game in which players choose one from several futuristic freelancers in order to help Trusts control the last major reactor on Earth. The battles are true tests of strategy and teamwork. But in a twist, the story of Atlas Reactor is actually revealed through Seasons, of which players can not only enjoy, but influence future parts of the game. Season 03 is about to start, and thus, the team took to Steam to reveal what’s coming up in it.

For starters, the events of Season 02 have already been felt. As the robot Meridian has been awoken. In a quest to bring Hyperion back to power, the robot has formed a new Trust: Hyperbotics, of which you can join and support.

Speaking of Meridian, he’s now the newest playable character in Atlas Reactor. His character really blurs the lines that have been set for what a character can be. As he is both a frontline character, as well as a support character. He wields a hammer powered by Reactor tech, and he can shield his teammates for many turns with his ultimate. Needless to say, he’s not one to be messed with, and that was before he got his Necrolancer skin.

Atlas Reactor

Adding to the influence of Meridian is the Hyperforge map. This one plays differently than other maps as you’ll be spawned into the corners of the map and try to make your way inward for buffs and openings on your foes. Just be careful, because the map can separate you just as easily as it can expose you.

Also being added are 11 new skins, as well as new stats, badges and achievements. Finally, the Extraction Game Mode will be returning to Season 03.

So, if you’re looking for the action to pick up in Atlas Reactor, you won’t have to wait too long for Season 03 to blow your mind.


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