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Atlantica Online Going Over To VALOFE

Atlantica Online, a free-to-play 3D MMORPG, is going over to VALOFE Global Ltd, an online and mobile game developer and subsidiary of VALOFE.

Nexon America, NDOORS, and Daum have come to this hard decision on July 13th. The Atlantica Online Team tried their very best,but the major problem at hand was the inability to maintain a player base at all, and the community became non-existent overtime. For all those players who have stayed and wish to continue playing Atlantica Online, you will be able to transfer your account and your characters to the VALOFE service once it’s available. The service transfer schedule and other details will also be announced as soon as possible.


The game had quite a unique setting, a fantasy-themed alternate history Earth made out of various historical, cultural, allegorical, and mythological elements. The game world is primarily modeled after real-world geography with accessible locations on six of the seven continents. Of course, you also have access to the mythical floating continent of Atlantis from which the game’s name is derived. Since there aren’t many turn-based MMORPGs out there, we hope that Atlantica Online survives in the hands of VALOFE, maybe it can even restore it’s player base to its old glory!

The official announcement can be found here!


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