If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner looking to make good use of the interesting motion controls within the Joycons, ARMS is probably a game you’ve looked at. Now, you can find out all of those pretty little details leading up to launch during tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct at 3:00 PT. Those who are eagerly anticipating this tactical anime-style fighter probably already know that the game will launch next month.

Nintendo has already used previous Nintendo Directs as an opportunity to unveil interesting new characters and arenas, as well as a few mechanical details, such as the addition of element based weaponry and more.

At PAX East this year, I was actually able to get my hands on ARMS and give it a try. The two Joycon controllers serve both as your mode of attack, as well as your primary form of movement. Players will tilt and turn the controllers relative to where on the map they’d like to move. Players can move completely freely in these 3D arenas and punch at some pretty incredible speeds.

Despite being built to utilize motion controls, ARMS does not require them. Players can use more traditional control schemes to navigate as their chosen fighter characters.

At the end of this Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has teased a treat for all of those who are patiently waiting for another special summer release. With Splatoon 2 on the way, Nintendo wants to push these two first party Switch titles in a big way leading up to E3 next month. Fans can expect big news as we approach the conference as well.

For information on ARMS, tune in to watch the official Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 6:00 PM.


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