Arma 3 Announces New DLC

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If you’re looking for realistic shooters in times like these when the military and hero titles dominate the genre, then you should take a look at Arma 3. This is a game where it takes a lot of time to get the hang of most things, as it’s quite realistic. Arma 3 is the perfect shooter for hardcore gamers, and now it’s getting a new DLC. We got a new reveal trailer featuring all the new features of the expansion, like the new faction called IDAP, which is short for International Development & Aid Project. It features quite a lot of interesting items, and it has outfits for specialized roles, like the Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialist. The DLC is called Laws of War, and you can watch the trailer for it down below.

The IDAP faction is quite interesting, as it’s a non-governmental organization, and they’re the ones that swiftly respond to humanitarian disasters. Laws of War also feature an exciting mini-campaign called “Remnants of War” which follows the IDAP explosive specialist, Nathan MacDade, as he goes on his dangerous missions. So, what does he have to do? Well, Nathan has to identify and deactivate mines in the Republic of Altis & Stratis after a war ended there not long ago. The IDAP will use a van and a new drone. The van has multiple variants, and each has a specific use. A new drone is also at their disposal, and one variant of it can be used to help with the demining operations.

You can read more about it on their official site.


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